Will you be relocating businesses?

A specialist team has been set up within the Council to work with those businesses affected by the regeneration proposals. A tailored service will be offered at the appropriate time to assist those businesses who wish to relocate within the town. We are working towards increasing trade and business in the town, rather than reducing it. All of those businesses who need to be relocated have already been contacted.

Will my business be affected by all the building work?

The Council, Muse Developments and their contractors will work with businesses and residents to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. We will ensure the Town Centre remains open for business as usual throughout the construction phases. The construction phases will be happening at different times and not all at once, so the majority of the town will remain unaffected whilst activity is focused on one area. Businesses and residents will be kept informed throughout.

Why doesn’t the Council reduce business rates?

The Council merely acts as a collecting agent on behalf of central Government who is responsible for the rates set.

Will the construction affect the businesses on King Street?

If successful in gaining planning consent, Muse Developments and South Tyneside Council will work closely with the contractors and the King Street businesses to minimise disruption to business during the construction of the new Transport Interchange.

The aim, following the completion of the Transport Interchange, is that the improvement to transport provision will increase the accessibility to the businesses on King Street.

Will you be demolishing my property?

A number of property acquisitions and demolitions will be needed to deliver the regeneration. The Council and its property agents, Sanderson Weatherall have now been in contact with all parties directly affected by the proposals to make them aware of this fact. If the Council has not contacted you then your land or property interest is not affected. During the regeneration, the Council will work with all affected businesses to ensure they are assisted during this period of change.

During this period, the Council will be maintaining regular contact with all the businesses affected by South Shields 365 regeneration. If you have any questions about your business and property as part of South Shields 365 please contact Harry Alder at South Tyneside Council: or 0191 424 7679


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