Cars and Buses

Will the bus routes be changing? If yes how/why?

There will be some highway alterations that will create a better-connected Town Centre as set out in the South Shields 365 Vision and Masterplan. The Council and Nexus have been working closely with bus operators on any proposed bus route changes. Revised highway arrangements would see all buses enter the interchange via Burrow Street.

Will we still have vehicular access around the Town Centre?

Residents, market traders and service vehicles for retailers continue to have access around the Market Place.

Some changes have been introduced affecting other road users, controlling traffic flow and speeds around the Market Place.

Chapter Row and Church Way would become pedestrianised areas and Keppel Street and Waterloo Square would be pedestrian friendly routes with restricted access to buses and taxis. Businesses will still be able to service their premises, but during restricted hours.

Any highway changes made to the Town Centre should greatly increase pedestrian safety and increase the public realm in the town.

Will the changes affect the taxi service in the town?

The Keppel Street taxi rank will be moved.

Why do we need to change the highway network, and will there be changes to both the inside and outside of the Town Centre?  

The new Transport Interchange and highway changes are not just designed to make it easier to get to and from South Shields itself, but to increase connectivity within the town. They should help improve connectivity between the Foreshore and Riverside areas of the town.

These changes have been designed to give a better visitor experience in the Town Centre and an altogether more cohesive and functional town.

Will my bus service be affected?

The majority of bus services operating in South Shields are controlled by Go North East and Stagecoach. Nexus and South Tyneside Council will continue to work closely with the bus operators to ensure the most efficient bus operation can be achieved that will deliver the best accessibility in and around South Shields and beyond.

Is the Council introducing free parking?

Around a third of Council-owned parking spaces across the Town Centre are already free. The Council already provides over 300 free car parking spaces at various locations throughout the Town Centre including Ocean Road and The Customs House. In addition to this, the parking refund scheme offers shoppers a parking charge refund at certain retailers who have signed up to the scheme.

Are the Council introducing more car parking?

Yes, there is new car parking opposite The Word and Market Place at Harton Quays. The new transport plan for the town proposes a new car park for motorists on Waterloo Square. In addition the new retail and leisure facilities brought forward in later phases will have associated car parking.

What is happening to the town’s Post Office?

The Post Office has now moved to King Street in South Shields Town Centre.

Will the new car park at Harton Quays include electric charging and disabled parking spaces, If yes how many?

The new 40 space car park located at Harton Quays has facilities for two electric charging vehicles. The car park will also include eight designated disabled car parking spaces for blue badge holders.


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